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One LAST Thing: Please Read Carefully Below...
Would You Say, YES to $10,000 in the Next 90 Days?

Insight Hero Owner, 

I hope you won't mind if ask I you this series of very pointed questions...

#1 - If I could make you $10,000 on Facebook in the next 90 days, would you say, yes?

#2 - If I could say with certainty that if you follow a few simple rules within an iron-clad ROI-guaranteed Facebook system, would you follow them?

#3 - If I were to give you every single one of my, eight private Facebook marketing tools, would you give them a home?

#4 - And if I told you that I would gladly hand over FREE access to every software or Facebook system that I develop in the future (even the very private ones that I'd never sell to the public) - would you even believe me?

If You Answered YES, to One or More of those Questions, Then This Letter is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you've ever read...

You've just invested in one of the many tools we have that makes our lives as Facebook marketers a lot easier - so thanks for that!  

If you're only interested in using the tool for your own purposes, your link to continue on to the download area is just at the bottom of this page and I just want to thank you one more time for joining me today.

However if you're in need of a real system that I can guarantee will make any Facebook marketer real money, you're in luck.  Stick with me and read every word here...

Are You Still Here?

Well, good!  Now all I'm asking is for you to hear me out.  

Listen, I'm not going to smother you with a bunch of hype.  I'd like to think that we're past that point anyway.  But promise me something, will ya? 

Just that you'll actually read until the very end...  

Just a tiny commitment and I promise that I'll make it worth your while.

Imagine never having to buy another product again! 

Imagine, always being in the know of exactly where the money is and how to get it.  Imagine, finally getting out of the vicious circle of throwing cash away on software after software, course after course...

...and instead having it handed to you, on a regular basis - without ever having to pull out your wallet again.

Wouldn't that be a relief?

6 Months Ago...

About 6 months ago I started a very private group for serious Facebook marketers.  It came from an idea I had that all of my closest marketing friends and even my mentor said was crazy.

The gist of this group was to be that people would pay me a very reasonable monthly fee and in return they would get all of my Facebook apps, training course, methods and systems for FREE as long as they stayed a member.

And while they were over the moon about the value they got and many of them even put the tools and systems to work and made their first dollar or scaled their existing business to new heights - there was something missing.

And the Experience I Got from That is Your Gain Today...

What was missing was a true, iron-clad formula that would allow anyone, no matter their Facebook marketing experience, to follow it and build a guaranteed income.

The idea of it was great and the TOOLS inside are worth thousands of dollars.  But, I bet if I asked you what's more important: having access to the most advanced Facebook marketing tools out there or having a true step-by-step plan with an iron-clad ROI guarantee...

You'd more than likely to tell me it's the second one and the MONEY it brings in, that's most important, right?

Well, I'd Like to Give You BOTH...

Right here and now I'd like to make you a very special offer.  One that you probably will think I'm crazy for even attempting...

First I'd like to give you access to this private group for Facebook marketers - with all the same benefits:

  • You get every Facebook tool, system and method that I've ever developed.
  • And... you get every Facebook tool, system and method that I will ever develop in the future - absolutely free...

BUT, Here's the most important part:

I'm doing away with the monthly component and making it a one-time, flat fee - LIFETIME access.

Yes, you heard that right.  I'm prepared to make you an offer right here and now which means that I'll never ask you for another dime of your money, but I'll GIVE you everything I have now and in the future, in order to help you create a truly sustainable six figure Facebook marketing business.

Plus, You'll Be Instantly Enrolled into My Brand New, Guaranteed ROI, 90 Day Facebook Plan...

You see, I have plan for you - and I'm extremely confident that if you follow it exactly as I've laid it out, that I can guarantee you will make $10,000 in the next 90 days on Facebook.

It sounds crazy and impossible, but I know it is...

I know, you're skeptical, but all it takes is 10 campaigns.  

But not just ANY campaigns... I'm talking about 10 HIGHLY INTELLIGENT campaigns where before you ever spend a dime on advertising, or a minute's effort - you can be almost sure that they will turn a profit.

These "Hyper Intelligence" Campaigns Regularly Pull in Between $500 and $1,500 Profit...

First, let me explain why I guarantee you'll never again lose big money on Facebook campaigns.

The most you'll ever lose on one of these "hyper intelligence" campaigns is around $25 dollars if it doesn't work out.  But your winners will well outpace these minor losses.  

You stand to turn a profit on the large majority of them - and then some yet will really take off and make you upwards of $3,000 or even more.

...even if you've never really ran a Facebook campaign - or quit once you lost money...

...even if you bought all the courses and they never worked out, or you got scared because you started losing hundreds of dollars without any profit.

You must, listen up because this is critically important to you:

My Secret Facebook "X-Ray Machine" is the KEY that will Change Everything...

This is a tool that I've never spoken about publicly.  Only a handful of people have ever even seen it.

Essentially what it does is allows me to pinpoint all the most profitable Facebook niches and see the exact best selling products and ads within those markets, on a daily basis. And having this information allows me easily duplicate surefire, winning Facebook campaigns.

The $130,000 Ad...

This ad here represents a huge market that I would have never known about or thought of.  It has over 445,000 likes and 175,000 shares.  And the product for this ad has sold over 8,700 units - which equates to about $130,000 in sales.

How do I know all this?  Simple: my X Ray machine found the market, the ad and the exact product - and how much it’s sold.

120,000+ Engagements & $53,000 Profit

Here’s another one: 91,000 likes, 35,000 shares.  4,100 units sold at $53,000 profit.

And I Could Go On and On...

I could show you hundreds of examples like this, but I'd like to keep this letter as brief as possible.

But when I say I could go on, I'm hardly kidding...  This "X-Ray Machine" has been tracking these kinds of campaigns for nearly 7 months now - and in that time it found over HALF A MILLION campaigns, the ads, the landing pages and the exact products that are selling.

At Last Count, It Tracks About 1,500 Campaigns Daily that Have Made MONEY in Just the Last 24 Hours...

Now think about that for a second.  What could you do with your pick of 1,500 proven money-making campaigns across hundreds of niches, guaranteed to have made money within the last 24 hours on Facebook?

Well you'll never need to imagine or guess for yourself, because I'll tell you exactly what to do...  Create a similar product, target the same market and cash in, one after the other..

Now I know what you might be thinking.  Create a product - me? 

That sounds uber-difficult.  It isn't - in fact, this can be done in 10 minute's time, or even better completely outsourced for about $5.

And that is the heart and soul of the ROI Plan that I have waiting for you.

It Turns Uncertainty into Pure, 100% Confidence for Every Campaign.

If you've never run a Facebook ad campaign, be happy that you'll never have to do it without this kind of advanced intelligence.

And if you've run campaigns before and felt that uncertainty, just didn't get it or worse yet lost a bunch of money - you can END that here and now - guaranteed.

So speaking of that, here's my own, personal guarantee to you...

Double Your Money Back if You Don't Triple Your Investment Today in the Next 90 Days...

I'm about to make you an offer that many find difficult to refuse... but before I do, allow me show you how confident I am that I can help you achieve your goals of building a life-changing Facebook business.

If you do decide to take me up on it and you don't at least triple what I'll ask you to invest to take part in the next 90 days, I'll double your investment myself and send it back to you.

Really, I expect that you'll make way more than that: something more to the tune of $10,000.  However, that's a goal and whether you achieve that number depends on how closely you follow the plan.  10K is certainly achievable.

But, if you give it an honest effort and you don't at the very least triple today's investment, I'll gladly buy the system back off of you at cost.

With that said, here is...

Exactly What You Need to Know About the Guaranteed ROI Plan...

If you decide join me today and enroll in my 90 Day Facebook ROI plan, here's exactly what you'll receive...

  • You'll be given exclusive access to my very private Facebook "X-Ray Machine" so that you can see all of the most profitable campaigns running on Facebook on a daily basis.
  • You'll also be enrolled in the ROI plan training to start immediately.  You'll be provided step-by-step and CLEAR actions to take, one after the other.  Each will bring you closer to achieving the ultimate goal of making $10,000 in the next 90 days.
  • You'll receive access to the private Facebook group where you'll have direct access to me as well as others going through the system.  You'll have answers for all of your questions.

And honestly, that's all you need.  You don't need any additional software - everything you need to complete the ROI plan and make $10,000 in the next 90 days is outlined in the three points above.

Don't make this more complicated than it needs to be!

I've purposely broken this down in such a way that anyone can understand and implement it.  This is not your average course where you'll feel like you've been given a bunch of (perhaps good) but random information with no real plan.

Exactly What You Need to Know About the the Exclusive, Hero Syndicate for Facebook Marketers...

I told you how about six months ago I launched an exclusive group for serious Facebook marketers.  I call this group, the "Hero Syndicate".  There are those who still happily pay to be a part of this group every month and it costs them $97 a month.

But for the first time ever, I am completely doing away with the monthly fee and giving a few select clients like you who have invested their hard-earned money with me, LIFETIME access.

Being in the Hero Syndicate means...

  • You'll have immediate access to every one of my advanced Facebook marketing tools (8 in total), systems and methods - even the private ones that I never show the public.
  • I will give you early and full access to every tool, system or method that I develop in the future without asking you for another dime of your money for it - for you, it's FREE.
  • You'll have access to the private Syndicate members training area where my team and I drop all of our latest methods for making BIG money on Facebook.
  • Comprehensive FB ads platform training course (17 videos) - so if you’re a beginner or intermediate, we walk you through all the features of Facebook advertising platform. After you finish this, you’ll know just as much or more about advertising on Facebook than 90% of social marketers.
  • Live Case studies - training where we show you live examples of successful campaigns like how we turn $500 into $6,500 using retargeting, or made $1.1K in just 5 days with a simple campaign.
  • Fan Page Building - we’ll show you how to create fan pages of highly engaged people who click EVERYTHING. And better than that BUY everything. We’ll show you how to gain fans for as low as .01 each and turn that into consistent profit.
  • You'll gain entry to the private Syndicate Facebook group - restricted to members only and a hot-bed of the latest trends in Facebook marketing.
  • You'll have EVERYTHING you need to run a high-level, six figure Facebook business for the rest of your life!

In just the last 6 months, I have added 8 premium marketing apps into the Syndicate - for those counting, that’s an average of over 1 per month.

Each of these apps were built out of pure necessity - to make life easier - to make money faster - and to automate critical aspects of a six figure social marketing business.

Should you decide to take part, you'll receive all of the massive benefits I've list above - every software, every Facebook training course or method.

Plus, you'll never have to pay another dime for one of these for the rest of your life!

All of That and Still, I'm Hardly Scratching the Surface...

The fact is, you won't find a more complete set of tools and training for Facebook marketing anywhere.  It simply doesn't exist.  My team and I are uniquely positioned to be able to offer you something like this.

You purchased one of our tools today.  You saw how it effectively unlocked SO many possibilities for your success as a Facebook marketer.

Now imagine gaining access to 7 more tools just like Insight Hero - that save you loads of time and multiply your results... and imagine, never having to pay for one again.  

We'll do the hard work of keeping you on the very cutting-edge of Facebook marketing.  We invest the thousands of dollars it costs to develop these kinds of tools, we test new strategies and methods and then tell you which ones work.

All you need to do is sit back and reap the benefits!

The Real Question is this: Do You Need ANY of This?

Pretty soon, I'm going to decide on what kind of path you'll take from here.  But before you do, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you frustrated with how your Facebook marketing efforts have gone to this point?
  • Have you bought course after course, software after software only to be more and more lost at the end, get downright scammed - or just to end up with a bunch of information that you can't effectively use?
  • Have you found moderate success, maybe even made a few hundred or thousand dollars on Facebook and really want to take it to the next level?
  • Do you need a real plan?  Something that you can follow down to the very last detail and get questions answered quickly if you ever get stuck?
  • Would you like to never have to spend another dime on a "Facebook marketing" product again?  To be able to FINALLY ignore all the noise that comes from every direction, totally secure in the fact that you KNOW exactly what to do make money on Facebook - and better yet, already have every tool you'd ever need to run your business?

If you're throwing your hands up and screaming "yes, yes, yes!" then I think it's clear that you do need this.

I tell you, there's something liberating about being able to finally tell the endless pitchmen to shove off!

But look, this is not for everyone...

If you're broke and don't have money to invest your business (at least a couple hundred dollars), I cannot help you.

If you're the type to buy stuff and let it collect dust, why waste any more of your money here?  You'll likely just refund later anyway.

If you have little work ethic and expect unicorns to come drop a mansion on your head while your sleeping in your underwear, you're hopeless - do not even think about it.

So, Has it Turned Out that You Actually DO Need this?

Well look, I don't blame you.  I have made a stupid amount of money on Facebook.  I could go on to show you a bunch of marked up screenshots like everyone else, but here's me being totally honest (and I hope you won't hate me for it):

To be honest...

If you're the type to only react to big screenshots (btw, anyone can make those in Photoshop), then THIS probably isn't even for you.  You're not a entrepreneur, you're an opportunity seeker.

I ONLY work with entrepreneurs.  There are plenty of other marketers who will gladly take your money.

So if you're still with me (and I know I just made about 95% of people sprint for the hills, lol) and you do need this, then allow me to make you the deal of a "lifetime".

You Have Two Options Depending on What You Actually DO Need...

Depending on how much you can afford to invest today, I wanted to put REAL results within reach of anybody who, well, would still be here reading right now ;).  

So I've put together two packages for you to choose from.

ROI Plan + Lifetime Syndicate Membership:

$297 x 2 Payments (over 30 days)

With this package, you will gain access to everything in the ROI Plan basic package below.

You will also gain instant access to EVERY Facebook app (8 in total), system and training I have, including the private Syndicate members area and Facebook group.

You will also never need to spend another dime after today as I will GIVE you everything I every produce in the future - even my private tools that I would never sell or show to the public - FREE for life.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but there it is...

ROI Plan Standard Edition:

$197 One Time

If you choose this package, you will gain access to my very private "X-Ray Vision" machine which allows you to see ALL of the most profitable niches, ads and products selling on Facebook on a daily basis.

You'll also gain access to the ROI plan training to start immediately which will walk you through a system that I'm confident that a person like you could use to earn $10,000 on Facebook in the next 90 days.

With this package however, you will not gain access to all of my tools and systems as offered in the Hero Syndicate.

How Can I Just GIVE Everything Away a Such a Ridiculous Price?

What gives?  How can I give you such a ridiculously low prices for a suite of tools and training worth thousands?  

And not only that, free access to all of my future tools and training for a simple one-time investment today.

If you take the ROI + Syndicate option, I'm basically giving away my entire current and future business to you.

You were probably thinking I was about to ask you $1,997 or at least $997.  Well, relax because as you can see, I’m not going to, although if I were “smart” I probably should.

Here's why I can do things that other marketers would never do in a million years...

  • Since I don't depend on other marketers paying me for these tools and training to feed my family, I see no reason not to do it.
  • If people actually use these tools, as I have, to build a life-changing income, it'd be worth way more to me than selling each of them individually.
  • and finally... I fancy myself as a sort of trailblazer and nobody has ever done something like this before.  I thought it'd be fun to see what happens.

So yes, for just an additional investment of a ridiculously low $297 today, you gain instant access to the ROI Plan + Lifetime Hero Syndicate benefits immediately after completing your purchase.

The eight, and counting, high level Facebook marketing apps, the private members area and training, the private Facebook group.  Everything.

And of course, as with everything I do, you’re covered by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you want a refund, email me and I’ll send you every penny of your investment back, no questions asked.

So You Do Need This.  The One Question that Remains is Are YOU Finally Ready to Move Forward?

Whichever package you choose today, I'm quite certain that you will look back at this as the turning point in your Facebook business.

If you're tired of buying thing after thing and would rather just have everything handed to you - choose the ROI Plan with the Lifetime Syndicate package.  You won't regret it.

If you still can't afford my bottom line offer for the full package, consider the ROI Plan basic package and you'll be off to the races.

However, I must warn you. It's not every day that I make an offer like the full lifetime package.  This is a true one-time offer: my way of thanking you for your purchase today and giving you an opportunity to never have to spend another dime of your money to stay on top of the marketing game.

It really is an investment in every sense of the word.

So, if you're ready, choose carefully below...

ROI Plan Standard Edition
(For Explorers)
  • The Facebook "X Ray Vision" Machine 
  • The complete ROI Plan training program
  • My personal ROI guarantee
  • 48 hour support

  • No access to premium Syndicate Facebook apps
  • No access to the private Syndicate members training area
  • No access to the private Hero Syndicate Facebook group
  • No access to future Hero Team Facebook tools, systems or methods
Insight Hero ROI Plan
ROI Plan + Lifetime Syndicate
(For Entrepreneurs)
  • The Facebook "X Ray Vision" Machine 
  • The complete ROI Plan training program
  • My personal ROI guarantee
  • Premium, 12 Hour Support
  • Instant access to all premium Syndicate Facebook apps (8 in total)
  • The Hero Syndicate private members area (with loads of training)
  • The private Hero Syndicate Facebook group with direct access to me and my team
  • All future Hero Team Facebook tools, systems and methods FREE for life!

Insight Hero ROI Plan + Lifetime Syndicate

All of my products come with an unconditional, no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money, if that’s what you want.

Tee Accelerator
The Most Advanced T-shirt Campaign Tracker in Existence, Guaranteed!

This web-based software will tell you every single t-shirt that makes money on Teespring.  When I say, every single one - I mean it.  

It makes t-shirt marketing dead simple and will feed you with hundreds of successful and profitable t-shirt campaigns every day - which means, you’ll see every top selling design and can use them as inspiration run unlimited, profitable tee campaigns yourself.

Optimize Hero
The Ultimate Facebook Campaign Optimizer for Social Marketers

There’s absolutely nothing like this on the market.  

This web-based app allows you to create valuable ad split tests in minutes and pinpoint the exact demographic of your campaign which is performing the best.  

Then with a few more clicks, optimizes your campaign to only show your ads to those people making you money.  It’s a must-have for anyone running Facebook ads.

Insight Hero
Unlocks Thousands of Hidden Interests and Millions of New Buyers in Facebook Audiences

This is one of the most valuable and awesome tools in the Syndicate.  It unlocks any Facebook niche by doing weeks worth of research in just seconds.  

You simply enter a keyword for your niche and it will find every possible way to target your ideal audience in a single click.  Then with just a few more clicks, you can launch full blown ad campaigns with hyper-targeted audiences.

Optin Hero
The One-Click Facebook Opt In and Lead Building Tool

This is technology that very few people speak of or even know about, but it makes building lists on Facebook easier than ever.  That’s because with a single click, anyone on Facebook can opt in to your mailing list without ever entering their email or name manually.  

It uses Facebook’s “connect” technology to automatically extract their email and subscribe them and all they have to do is accept by clicking one button.  

It’s all completely 100% legal and the best way to build huge lists on Facebook.

Interest Hero
The Most Advanced Mass-Interest List Generator in Existence

This simple web app fuses with Wikipedia and uses it as a database to build huge lists of possible interests.  For example, with Interest Hero, with a click of a button you could get a list of every golf course in california.  Or, every gardening magazine or every nursing association.

The possibilities are limitless.  It boils generating lists that would take weeks of research to gather, down to about 10 seconds.  You can then use those results as interests to target your Facebook ads and reach huge audiences of extremely passionate buyers.

Social Niche Hero
The Swiss Army Knife of Social Apps

This web-based app combines some of the most useful features of the syndicate tools into one convenient interface.  

With Social Niche Hero you can generate targeting ideas for your ads, find highly engaging content and post it directly to your Facebook pages (huge time saver), view the top 100 telling t-shirts on Teespring in the past 24 hours and setup retargeting campaigns all in a single app.

It truly is an app that I log into at least once per day and I know you’re going to love it.

Now let me just take a quick break for a second and say something:

Even if you don’t understand everything I’m explaining right now... that’s OK.  

Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to use every single tool without problem.  And you’ll know exactly why and how each tool works to automate huge parts of your business, allowing you to make more money, faster.

Trust me, everything you need to know is in the Syndicate.  It’ll all soon become crystal clear and you’ll never want to go back to the old ways of doing things again.

So let me continue...

The Mint Maker
The Laser-Targeted Facebook Fan Page Extractor

This is a really awesome Chrome extension that allows you to extract the names of pages from Facebook searches, into lists that you can use as interests for your ads.  So for example you can search Facebook for something like “pages liked by people who are nurses” -- and then with a single click get a list of the results.

This is the kind of “outside the box” tool that doesn’t exist outside of the Syndicate.  It has a million applications for high-level ad targeting and scaling your campaigns.

Click Multiplier
The Ultimate Facebook Retargeting Platform

This web app allows you to generate tracking links for your offers and landing pages so that whenever anyone clicks through your “multiplier links” they also get tagged with your Facebook retargeting pixel at the same time.

Facebook retargeting campaigns are significantly cheaper than direct advertising - so once they click your offer once, you can advertise to them for life for pennies on the dollar.  Again a must have for any serious Facebook marketer.

8 High Level Facebook Marketing Apps (and counting)

So those are the tools that are currently inside the Syndicate, 8 in total, and like I said, we constantly develop these high level apps and add them so that Syndicate members can take advantage of every single last technological advancement in Facebook marketing.

But like I mentioned earlier, that’s not nearly it.

Because all the tools in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the systems and methods behind, as well as the training to use them.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find when you gain access to the private Syndicate members training area.

Your One Stop Shop for Fresh 7-Figure Marketing Strategies...

Here’s just a small glimpse of what’s inside...

  • 17 video, comprehensive FB ads platform training course - so if you’re a beginner or intermediate, we walk you through all the features of Facebook advertising platform. After you finish this, you’ll know just as much or more about advertising on Facebook than 90% of social marketers.
  • Live Case studies - training where we show you live examples of successful campaigns like how we turn $500 into $6,500 using retargeting, or made $1.1K in just 5 days with a t-shirt idea we got from Tee Accelerator.
  • Teespring and t-shirt marketing systems - ever wanted to cash in on the tee craze but never tried or lost money when you did? Well, I guarantee that if you follow our tee systems, you’ll be closer to profit than ever before and after a few good tries, you’ll have the keys to basically unlimited income on Facebook. The difference is in the tools.
  • Fan Page Building - we’ll show you how to create fan pages of highly engaged people who click EVERYTHING. And better than that BUY everything. We’ll show you how to gain fans for as low as .01 each and turn that into consistent profit.

And I could on and on here, but...

Here's What I Really Want You to Know about the Training

As a new member, you’ll be instantly enrolled in the first program - our ROI plan. 

And the sole purpose of this program is to teach you a surefire method with the focus of not only learning the tools, but getting back your investment into the Syndicate.

Once you complete the ROI plan, you’ll understand more about making money on Facebook than most all of your competition.  And you can use that as a launching pad to try new methods and tactics and systems where you’ll have every tool you need to execute at a very high level.

And Should You Need ANY Help, You're in Luck...

Every single Syndicate member gains access to the private FB group where we openly share and bounce ideas off of each other and get our questions answered. 

This will be your daily destination to stay on up everything the Syndicate has to offer.

Plus, I have a dedicated support staff, ready to fix any issues you might be having or answer any questions at a moment's notice.

So the very bottom line is this: you get the tools, the systems and the support. 

And if you are or want to be a successful Facebook marketer, I couldn’t think of a better way to dramatically accelerate your success.

In Fact, I Know that there is NO Better Way...
This is an insane amount of tools and Facebook marketing knowledge that I’m laying at your feet.

I’m truly convinced that no one - and I mean no one in the market today can offer such an incredible suite of training and tools to grow your Facebook business and your income - it just doesn’t exist.

And not only for now, but for the future of your business as well...

And that’s not to brag or anything like that.  I have a team of world class developers ready to create all the best social marketing tools at a moment’s notice.

This team would essentially become yours from now on.  And you’ll be the beneficiary of my investing thousands of dollars to have these tools developed.

Not only that, I’m lucky enough to spend most of my days breaking through barriers and running an extremely exciting and rewarding Facebook business.

And all of that research, all of those hundreds of hours invested into that business instantly translate into...

Valuable Knowledge and Intelligence for Your Own Business...

Because you’ll know exactly what’s working and you’ll become one of the very few social marketers who are always on the leading-edge.

That’s not hype or exaggeration.  That’s a fact and a promise.

And best of all you can invest once today and lock in all of these advantages for LIFE.  It really doesn’t get any better than that.

So here’s my final offer, summed up:

I’ll give you lifetime access to the Hero Syndicate, which means you get instant access to every tool and training I’ve ever released, right on the other side of this page.  

You get access to the Hero Syndicate private members area as well as the private Facebook group.  You’ll receive a single login for everything - and everything is all in one place for your convenience.  It couldn’t be easier to manage.

You’ll also receive every single tool or training that I release in the future

Everything I do from here on out is yours for FREE - never pay me another dime.

And plus, I’ll constantly feed you with valuable Facebook intelligence, keeping you on top of the game at all times.

And I’ll do all of that, as mentioned, for a one-time investment today.

This is a one-time offer though.  It’s my way of welcoming you to the club and thanking you for investing your money with me today.

If you've gotten to this point...

You’re probably wondering, how much?

You’re probably thinking I’m about to ask you $1,997 or at least $997.  Well, relax because I’m not going to, although if I were “smart” I probably should.
In any case, I won’t ask you for $997 or even $597.

My final offer to you is a low, one-time investment of just $497.

But look, I understand that even $497 can be a bit out of reach for some, even though it’s an incredible deal.  So I won’t even ask you to pay $497 today.

You can gain instant access today for just $247 and then just one additional payment of $247 in 30 days time.

So yes, for just an additional investment of a ridiculously low $247 today, you gain instant access to the Hero Syndicate immediately after completing your purchase.

The eight, and counting, high level Facebook marketing apps.  The private members area and training, the private Facebook group.  Everything.

And of course, as with everything I do, you’re covered by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you want a refund, email me and I’ll send you every penny of your investment back, no questions asked.

So if you’re ready to truly take your social marketing business to the next level, join us in the Syndicate.  Become a lifetime member now with this truly unique and limited offer.  Click the order button and secure your spot.

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